Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Why the French Revolution was Just :: essays research papers

Louis exclaimed 'Why, this is a revolt.' 'No Sire,' replied the duke, 'It is a revolution.' These words were uttered by the duke and King Louis XVI when the peasants revolted into the Bastille. You may ask did the peasants have a right to do this to the king and the country of France. Yes, the peasants had a right and this is why the French Revolution was just. The 3rd estate was severely in poverty, even to the extent of on the verge of death. The poverty was so severe it can be considered fatal. The king treated the 3rd estate like crap. The 3rd estate was taxed heavily and was left hungry most of the time. Food was scarce and most of the time people were fighting even for the smallest scraps of food. The 3rd estate was forced into poverty so severely that they had no other option except to revolt and start a revolution, known as the French Revolution. A main reason why mostly peasants and people in the 3rd estate fought over food was because of the winter of 1788-1789. During this time, France experienced a heavy drought and much of the wheat and yeast used to bake bread was destroyed. This left a scarcity of the most eaten food in all of France. The price of bread soared over 600% what it used to be. A loaf of bread would be about $600 in time. This lead to an increase of crime and theft. This left many people hungry and starving. There were constant brawls and fights over scraps of bread. Louis XVI and Maria Antoinette ate all the bread they want. They did not give a darn about any of the people starving and begging for any kind of food outside their luxurious castle. They just sat there wasting money and eating all they want. This lead the 3rd estate down a road they had been before. The ?slaves? of the king and the tax payers. Taxes were so severe that the 3rd estate could hardly keep up. The king charged the 3rd estate with tax after tax. He taxed them just for they could spend it on some other ridiculous item for themselves. The king knew that the 3rd estate didn?t have the money to spare on taxes, but King Louis XVI did not care. Unfortunately, the taxes were put on the people who had the least amount of money, when the taxes should have been put on everyone in France in an equal way.

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